The 5th Floor

The 5th Floor is a cycling blog with its roots in Track cycling.

We're not just an editorial we're an active and multi-disciplined team riding road, cross, track and even trials. Currently we represent in Glasgow, Brooklyn and of course our 'home' in London. Check out our Strava to track our rides and get a low down on which of our riders is putting the miles in and where.

We aim to bring inspirational subjects and the latest happenings to you- our readers - on a daily basis as well as generating original content.

We pro-actively provide and promote a calendar of events from long distance tours to specialist track days, Criterium races and even the odd fete. All events can be found here.

Why ‘The 5th Floor’? This represents our grass roots beginnings. Unified by a lowly east London car-park we used to meet on, you guessed it, The 5th Floor before taking on the city. The green pays homage to the colour of the tarmac that is The 5th Floor. For more check here.

The 5th Store

The 5th store is primarily a market-place for products we endorse. You won’t find us selling anything that we haven’t had a hand in the production, are proud to share or wouldn’t ride ourselves.

All our own 5th floor products are design led, based in a belief that something should look good and perform well - above and without reliance on brand or culture associations.

We continue to work with a number of talented individuals and companies; from emerging craftsmen to veritable pillars of the cycling world to bring you collaborative products that you won’t find anywhere else and that we’re proud to put our name against.